For this episode of our Geo Discovery series,  we take you to the Mid North Coast of NSW.  Just South of Port Macquarie it is a around 300km North of Sydney. 

The Mid North Coast Wander is a series of 201 caches that take you on a magnificent journey highlighting this spectacular region. The route is 160 km of diverse scenery and topography, rising from sea level to a height of 600 metres. Along the way you will see huge Blackbutt trees – the biggest in NSW; make your way to long forgotten lookouts; see hang gliders launch themselves over the valley; drive along the top of the spectacular Lansdowne Escarpment; pass by massive volcanic plugs rising 560 metres; plunge into dense rainforest; and then head for the coast where you will see beautiful cliff framed beaches that rival any along the whole eastern coast line.

With 201 caches to choose from (and others in the region), here are a few of the top picks:

178 – Mid North Coast Wander – The Author’s Hut – GC3P304: One of The Mid North Coast’s famous authors, Kylie Tennant wrote ‘The Man on the Headland’ about a local who lived around here. He helped build this hut for Kylie, which is now available for all of us to use.

150 – Mid North Coast Wander – Surf’s Up – GC3P2RB: This is the only patrolled beach in the area so stop by for a swim and an ice cream before you head off into the National Park. A nice location to rest after a long day caching. Grab a coffee, muffin, or milkshake.

146 – Mid North Coast Wander – Crowdy Quarry – GC3P2QY: The cliff face adjacent to this cache provided the rock for the Breakwater walls at Harrington around the start of the Twentieth Century. There are some great views from the lighthouse not too far from here.

063 – Mid North Coast Wander – Big Nellie – GC3P1JD: From this location, catch glimpses of Big Nellie, an imposing volcanic plug towering 542 m above sea level, and experience its commanding presence from a viewing platform located at the base. There is an Earth Cache nearby too.

076 – Mid North Coast Wander – Newby’s Lookout – GC3P1KP: A Spectacular view can be enjoyed from this beautiful location. With off road parking and a picnic table it’s also a great place to stop and get out the thermos have a cuppa and reflect on your journey so far.

007 – Mid North Coast Wander – Middle Brother – GC9XXBJ: Here at Middle Brother Mountain, at an elevation of about 560 meters, you can see for miles. There is a spectacular view from the launching ramp for hang gliders which overlooks a large portion of this trail.

012 – Mid North Coast Wander – Bird Tree – GC3P1A6: The Bird Tree is the largest living tree in NSW by volume. There are some monster trees near the picnic area. They are about 70m tall and over 400 years old.

201 – Mid North Coast Wander – The End – GC3P31J: The Final is a Mystery that can be worked out using clues included in the caches scattered around the trail. The location of the final mystery is quite a special spot and just a short drive from the end of the trail – it is well worth the effort to finish the series by visiting this location.

Spend a few days exploring the region by finding these and many other caches around the Mid North Coast. A big thanks to the CO of the series, Mid North Coast Mob, for placing and maintaining this series which was placed in 2012.

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  1. Brewmaker

    A great region to visit. Such a variety of cache destinations along the coast, the rivers, the villages and the mountains. So many great sights, and caches too, of course.