New South Wales Events

EventGCAT406 - Coffee, Cakes and Conundrums #61
by Calypso62
15th Jul 2024
EventGCATPXJ - Beer O'Clock #H4 - Lambton
by EverestHigh
18th Jul 2024
EventGCATC4J - Beer O'Clock #26 - Kirrawee v2
by EverestHigh
19th Jul 2024
EventGCARFPJ - Cascades Falls: Geocaching NSW Winter Walk Event
by Geocaching NSW
21st Jul 2024
Macquarie Pass
EventGCATWHX - All Things Geocaching July 2024
by SueDan83
22nd Jul 2024
EventGCATD3C - Pre Olympics Cosmic event
by WaywardWoman
25th Jul 2024
Cache In Trash OutGCATR57 - GGGT # 101 - Howard Park CITO Time
by fitzy_1965 and minniek
31st Jul 2024
EventGCATR5G - GGGT # 102 - The Days Are Getting Longer Dinner
by fitzy_1965 and minniek
31st Jul 2024
EventGCATF8N - Let's get together for a chat
by Rubystone2
4th Aug 2024
EventGCATK2B - Beer O'Clock #27 - Rozelle
by EverestHigh
9th Aug 2024
EventGCATE0Q - SideTracked Day 2024 - Mudgee - 17th Anniversary
by Calypso62
10th Aug 2024
EventGCAT683 - Geocaching Olympics
by Deni_f
11th Aug 2024
EventGCATVG0 - AIGD 2024 Event
by Thewins5
17th Aug 2024
EventGCARAEQ - Battlecache - Celebrating IGD 2024
by Calypso62
17th Aug 2024
EventGCAQ6EG - Celebrate International Geocaching Day 2024
by wazza9
17th Aug 2024
Royal National Park
EventGCATTCB - International Geocaching Day 2024 Celebration
by paegle
17th Aug 2024
North Wollongong
EventGCAQ6EN - 2024 Winter Wonderland, Sutherland Shire M&G
by wazza9 Suthelandgeocaching
18th Aug 2024
Royal National Park
EventGCATR3X - Beer O'Clock #28 - Hornsby
by EverestHigh
24th Aug 2024
EventGCATPM5 - Narrabeen Lagoon Meet, Greet and Ride
by Geocaching NSW
25th Aug 2024
EventGCAQB3N - Wattle Day 2024: Sydney [Sydney Park, St Peters]
by Brewmaker
31st Aug 2024
EventGCATPJC - ziggiau's 10th Cacher-versary
by ziggiau
22nd Sep 2024
Block PartyGCACHF8 - Sydney GeoQuest
by Oz Mega Committee
26th Jan 2025
Sydney Olympic Park

National Events

EventWA Goes Big
GCAGV8Y - WA Goes BIG in 2024
21st Sep 2024
Western Australia
EventQueensland GCLOGAN
GCAPC9E - GCLOGAN Saturday - Let's Dive In
28th Sep 2024
Hillcrest, Queensland
Block PartyGCACHF8 - Sydney GeoQuest
by Oz Mega Committee
26th Jan 2025
Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales
Block PartyGCAP417 - The Sunbury Event
by GeocachingVictoria
22nd Mar 2025
Sunbury, Victoria

Planned events by Geocaching NSW

Geocaching NSW Annual General MeetingVirtual11th Aug 2024
Annual Bicycle EventJamieson Park at Narrabeen25th Aug 2024
Talk Like A PirateTBC22nd Sep 2024
Geocaching NSW CITO eventLittle Marley Beach12th Oct 2024

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