Darren Osborne aka Spindoc Bob was one of the earliest geocachers in Australia.  He played an important role in the establishment of Geocaching NSW and lifting the ban on geocaching in NSW National Park.

He also pioneered the combination of geocaching and podcasts. They were published between 2007 and 2014. This collection of podcasts are part of his legacy to our geocaching community.  The podcast for geocachers ‘down under’. It contains news about geocaching in Australia and New Zealand, interviews with Australian and New Zealand geocachers, tips on finding geocaches, and competitions.

Unfortunately Spindoc Bob passed away too early in 2015 .  Geocaching NSW issued a geocoin in his honor, with proceeds going to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

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Geotalk Podcast - Audio

The below list contains an overview of the 104 audio pod casts he made. 
The table gives a summary of topics and any of the in-show links.  Note that some of these weblinks provided might no longer be active.
A big thank you to  for keeping a copy of all these soundfiles over the years.

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Episode# Date Description Links
Episode #10417-04-2014 Geotalk discovers which famous Australian has been out geocaching, we get some of your geocaching resolutions for 2014 and we travel to East Cape in New Zealand.
Episode #10313-02-2014 Geotalk packs its bags, jumps into the car and heads into western New South Wales to go on a four-day geocaching road trip to Broken Hill. 
Episode #10223-12-2013 Geotalk gets attacked by Sydney's cicadas as we talk about the tenth anniversary of EarthCaching, geocaching in the Blue Mountains and hear a funny story from radionut50 in New Zealand.
Episode #10109-11-2013 In this episode Geotalk attends the NZ Mega Event in Auckland, uncovers an amazing expedition to China by a group from Melbourne geocachers and we get a geocaching milestone call in from Italy.
Episode #10020-09-2013 In Episode 100 Geotalk learns how to make a Georoadbook, we hear from SeaBreezeOz travelling around Australia and we get an update from the second NZ Mega Event.
Episode #9929-07-2013 Geotalk gets an update on the next NZ Mega Event and we prepare for a geocaching streak throughout August.
Episode #9807-06-2013 Geotalk looks at a new type of geocache, we uncover some Geoart geocaches in Australia and speak to former Australian reviewer - The Ump.
Episode #9728-04-2013 Geotalk says thank you to a long time Australian reviewer, we polish off some challenging NZ cache trails and visit some geocaches with the ANZAC spirit.
Episode #9619-03-2013 GPS navigation heads indoors, we review the Garmin Fenix GPS receiver and speak to the first finder of the 2 millionth active geocache in this edition of Geotalk - the podcast for geocachers 'down under'.
Episode #9502-02-2013 We explore a new file format for storing millions of geocaches into your GPS receiver, uncover 101 Devil geocache designs and learn how GNSS is being used to track Drop Bears.
Episode #9420-12-2012 In this episode of Geotalk we discover how Scouts Australia is getting into geocaching, get some great tips of becoming a FTF hound, and we go geocaching via Youtube in New Zealand and Mongolia.
Episode #9315-11-2012 In this special edition of Geotalk we head to the South Island of New Zealand to take part in the first NZ Mega Event.
Episode #9215-10-2012 Geotalk gets some great tips geocaching for Android phone users, ask 'When is a cache placed in a bad location?', and make final preparations for the First NZ Mega event.
Episode #9115-09-2012 Geotalk talks to iamapom about a reward to find the missing Australian APE caches, we get the answer to how best to store maps offline on an Android phone, and five steps to writing a better log.  
Episode #9015-08-2012 In this episode of Geotalk we dive deep into the world of OpenStreetMap, we ask how many geocaches are there in the Pacific, and we look at how to complete the Jasmer challenge.
Episode #8915-07-2012 Geotalk chats to WanderingCacher about a geocaching trail in South Australia, we check out a few geocaches in Cambodia and ask how prepared are you when you go geocaching?
Episode #8829-06-2012 In this episode we recall what geocaching was like in the 19th century, we hear about an adventure in Alaska and get an update on the NZ Mega.
Episode #8728-05-2012 Geotalk heads to the middle of Port Philip Bay, previews an event to discuss a Mega in South Australia and the return of Google maps to geocaching.com. Links for the show:
Episode #8630-04-2012 Geotalk speaks to the organiser of the Big Little event in Victoria, we ponder the future of the ammo can, and ask how can you be a better hider?
Episode #8518-04-2012 In this edition of Geotalk we take you to the 2nd Oz Mega Event in Albury, New South Wales. A big thank you to the organisers and to everyone who appears on the podcast.
Episode #8425-03-2012 In this edition of Geotalk we get a final update from the 2nd Oz Mega event, hear a tip on how to keep Google Maps on your geocaching.com page and announce the winner of the 101Geo competition.
Episode #8327-02-2012 In this edition of Geotalk we hear from a geocacher who got more than he bargained for on an FTF hunt, we ask 'What happened to the maps on geocaching.com?' and 'What happened to the Geomate jr?'. You have a few days left to submit your entry into the 101Geo online geocaching store competition. Submit your photo before 29 February 2012 and you have the chance to win a $200 voucher to spend at 101Geo. Head to www.facebook.com/101geo for more information.
Episode #8222-01-2012 In the first episode of Geotalk for 2012 we travel to the top of Australia, remind you of an important date on the geocaching calendar, and tell you how you can turn your geocaching photo into a fantastic prize. The competition is being held in conjunction with Alan from 101Geo online geocaching store. Submit your photo before 29 February 2012 and you have the chance to win a $200 voucher to spend at 101Geo. Head to www.facebook.com/101geo for more information.
Episode #8124-12-2011 In this Christmas edition of Geotalk we speak to one of the creators of Munzee, ask for your thoughts on Opencaching.com and get into the Christmas spirit geocaching style. Don't forget to visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed.
Episode #8023-11-2011 In this episode of Geotalk we ask whether Groundspeak has turned its back on thegeocaching community, explore some of the features in GSAK version 8 and announce the winners of our Geostuff.com.au competition.
Episode #7923-10-2011 Geotalk gets an update on the NZ mega event, we hear from an Australian in Peru and we give you the final clue in our Geostuff.com.au competition.


Episode #7810-10-2011 Kia Ora from 'The land of the long white cloud'. Geotalk heads to New Zealand for a whirlwind tour of Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington to grab some historic Kiwi geocaches, night caching with some Waikato locals and witness humiliation at the hands of the Irish.
Episode #7714-09-2011 This month we honour a changing of the guard at the top of the Australian Geocaching ladder, give you the second clue to our fantastic Geostuff.com.au competition and hear from a geocacher who has meet a person who really has travelled everywhere. Don't forget our fantastic competition thanks to Carl and the crew at Geostuff.com.au.?? First prize is a Magellan Explorist GC and second prize is a on-year Geocaching.com premium membership gift card?.
Episode #7621-08-2011 Geotalk speaks to one of the organisers of the Albury Oz Mega Event, we put forward our thoughts on Challenges and we announce a great new competition courtesy of Geostuff.com.au.
Episode #7530-07-2011 Geotalk has a quick peek at Munzee, gets a quick update on the Mega events in Australia and New Zealand.
Episode #7428-06-2011 Geotalk travels to New Zealand to attend the Timaru Celebrating Milestone event, head to the Nullabour to find a little Twillite and finish in Mandurah for the recent WWFM event.
Episode #7330-05-2011 In this episode of Geotalk we find Queensland's oldest geocache, get a useful tip on managing databases in GSAK and we hear some of your memorable geocache finds. Dvixen from Geo-what? Geo-stuff? is looking for a name for her Kangaroo TB.
Episode #7221-04-2011 Geotalk travels to Canberra for the 10th anniversary of ACT caching, gets an update on the NZ earthquake fundraiser, and discovers who are the most profilic puzzle cachers in Australia and New Zealand.
Episode #7123-03-2011 Geotalk speaks to an expert about GPS hacking, jamming and general vulnerability, provide an update on the next Australian mega event and we welcome a listener from the other side of the world.
Episode #7006-03-2011 Radionut50 joins an intrepid group of New Zealand geocachers as they attempt to set a new Australasian 24-hour record.
Episode #6915-02-2011 Good news about geocaching in NSW National Parks, hear about two geocaches that got swept away in the recent floods and we discover Australia's first well rounded hider. Donate to the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal or Red Cross Australia
Episode #6815-01-2011 In this episode we discover the voice of Karen from the Garmin in-car GPS, check out the leaderboards in Australia and NZ, and hear some of your Gocaching New Year resolutions. You can support the podcast by making a donation via the PayPal link in the right-hand column.  
Episode #6715-12-2010 In this episode we check out the Mega events planned for Australia and New Zealand, open the Pandora's box that is Opencaching.com, and ask for your 2011 geocaching resolutions.
Episode #6615-11-2010 In this episode we join two Victorians attempting to find 10 cache types in one day, send out an alert to geocachers in the NSW Central Coast and we ask you what you'd like Santa to put in your stocking this Christmas.
Episode #6515-10-2010 In this episode of Geotalk we track down a travel bug hiding in the US, we pick apart Garmin's latest geocaching offering and we discover Australia's most verbose logger.

Episode #6422-09-2010 Discover an exciting geocache trail through the Australian outback, hear about Garmin's birds eye service, and we uncover some of your sneaky caching stories.
Episode #6317-08-2010 In this episode of Geotalk we have some good news from Tidbinbilla, an update from New Zealand and ask you to send in your sneaky geocaching stories. <
Episode #6228-07-2010   Geotalk listeners call in with their winter caching tips, first to finds and milestones.    
Episode #6106-07-2010 Hear how a council in the UK is paying someone to be a professional geocacher, Spindoc Bob rescues a travel bug stuck in the wild and Radionut50 gives us the latest in geocaching news from New Zealand. Plus we feature The Travel Bugs.
Episode #6015-05-2010 On this episode of Geotalk we hear from a prankster at the Wagga Mega event, discover why NSW Parks is reviewing its geocaching policy and find out why Australia's first geocacher has never found a geocache.
Episode #5911-04-2010 Geotalk presents highlights of the Oz Mega Wagga mega event held over the Easter 2010 long weekend. Oz Mega Wagga Wagga listing on geocaching.com Caching Australia video from the Mega Event


Episode #5828-03-2010 In this bonus mid-month episode we go geocaching in a hot-air, discover how you could go geocaching in Antarctica and list the top 10 essentials for the Wagga Wagga Mega Event.
Episode #5710-03-2010 In this episode we cross the Tasman to chat with New Zealand's highest find cachers, meet one of NZ's oldest active caters and introduce our first Kiwi geocaching update. Plus we announce the winner of the iPod Shuffle contest and annouce our new Pathtags contest. Psst! Want to get a $10 discount on your Pathtag starter kit and score a free T-shirt? Go to www.pathtags.com, complete your order and enter the promo code mentioned in the podcast (you'll have to listen to hear it).
Episode #5608-02-2010   In this episode we speak to the co-founder of Pathtags, listen to how Geotalk listeners pronounce their hobby and we give you the chance to win an iPod. iPod competition: To win the iPod Shuffle, go to the iTunes entry for Geotalk (must have iTunes on your computer) and leave a review for the podcast by 28 February 2010. One reviewer, from the Australian or New Zealand iTunes store, will be randomly drawn to win the prize. The draw will include previous reviewers.
Episode #5510-01-2010 Geotalk gets an update on the Oz Mega Wagga Event, we give you a tip on keeping moisture out of caches, and reopen the debate on 'cash' vs 'caysh'.

If you're coming to the OZ MEGA Wagga Wagga event, please head to www.rivcache.com to register and receive the latest information on what's happening.
Episode #5410-12-2009 Geotalk speaks to the new holders of the Australian 24 hour record holders, we get a few milestones from listeners and a caching tip from Team Casho. Last minute geocaching Xmas gift? Visit Geocache Store Australia.
Episode #5329-10-2009 Geotalk joins SA ParrotHead for YumCha, Norkmeister reaches a milestone in Canberra and we look at how to enter coords and project a waypoint with your GPS.
Episode #5218-09-2009 Geotalk discovers how University of Melbourne researchers are improving turn-by-turn instructions, we travel down the south coast of NSW and announce the winners of the Keeper of Time competition.
Information from Victorian government

Episode #5129-08-2009 Geotalk catches up with an Australian geocacher living in the US, we get a quick review on the Geocache Navigator and discover that human really do walk in circles.

Big thank you to Martin Hancock for the new theme music.
Episode #5008-08-2009 Geotalk talks to Keeper of Time from Victoria, we introduce the GC Vote grease monkey script for rating geocaching and we hear of a story that ended with a police visit. To win one of the time pieces shown on the right, courtesy of Keeper of Time, tell us a geocaching story associated with the theme 'Time'. Call it in on (02) 800 50 436 or email it to [email protected] Your entry must in before 31 August 2009.
Episode #4901-07-2009 Geotalk chats to Warren from Apisphere about the Geomate Jr, Caught @ work tells us about the updates to the Geocaching Australia website and we bring you the story of a lost and found geocoin.

Episode #4815-07-2009 Firesafe tells Geotalk about his record breaking geocaching run and creator of The Hidden Park, Paul Kane, talks about his great iPhone application.
Episode #4714-06-2009 Geotalk talks to Tracy Trost about his geocaching film 'Find Me', we tackle a Where I Go geocache and work out a clever way to update our GSAK database.
Episode #4626-05-2009 In this episode of Geotalk we look at cache maintenance and placement, Tronador and Altaire visit 2 Lost Souls in Central Australia and we get a geocaching tip from New Zealand.
Episode #4522-04-2009 The creator of Walk like a Geocacher tells Geotalk about an upcoming video and geocache series, we get the latest update from Riverina Caching regarding the 2010 Mega Event and learn how to download routable OSM maps for your Garmin.
Episode #4431-03-2009 The Spindoctor and Webguy head to Canberra to check in on a cache and bag a record in the process. Join them for the ride.
Episode #4318-03-2009 Geotalk talks to CraigD about his well rounded cacher experience, part 2 of our catch up with Liz and Bruce, and some audio from the Clean up Australia Day CITO in Bundeena.
Episode #4220-02-2009 Hear from Marcus Vitruvius and DJ Geodog Rascal, geogypsies Liz and Bruce and get an update on the Wagga Wagga mega event. There is also the winner of the Geotalk Facebook competition, another GSAK tip, and why McDonalds is a geocacher's best friend.


If you export to the GPSr using the code %con1%typ1%drop2 for your cache name it will drop the GC portion of the code and replace it with letters giving you the size and type of the cache so a MTXXXXX would be a micro traditional cache, RMXXXXX would be a regular multi cache.
Episode #4102-02-2009 Geotalk spends Australia Day at Darling Harbour with Macandrita, Damo finds a cache on Lake Titicaca and The Organist gives some great GSAK tips. We also discuss China building its own GPS network, law enforcement geocachers, the new South Africa to Australia TB race and who has found the most geocaches in Australia/New Zealand in a single day.
Episode #4020-01-2009 Geotalk chats to Big Matt (from Big Matt and Shell) from Queanbeyan, NSW, we attend the Intervening Days event in Melton and give you a quick tip for finding caches close to an event.
Episode #3905-01-2009 Hear about LordBritish's geocache under the sea and travel bug in space, The Spindoctors find Victoria's oldest geocache and Searchwise015 tells us about geocaching in Far North Queensland.
Episode #3808-12-2008 In this episode we look at waywarking, speaking to Blue Quaser from Ontario, Canada, and Pensive Travellers from Newcastle. Our thanks to Ontario Geocaching Podcast for assisting with this episode. Subscribe to the Geotalk YouTube channel before midnight on 13 December 2008 (Sydney time) and you could win an Ernie's Edelweiss geocoin.  
Episode #3716-11-2008 Papa Bear Left opens up his geocaching bag of tricks, Tronador conquers the Mattens, while Big Matt sits atop Canberra's Horizon and Wagga Wagga invites you to Australia's Geocaching Mega Event.
Episode #3621-10-2008 Rabbitto tells us about geocaching in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, [email protected] talks about the latest geocaching game - The Well Rounded Cacher - and discover how to use your mobile phone to search geocache lists.
  1. XoE videos on Geotalk video
  2. Vote for your favourite XoE video
  3. Changes to geocaching.com
  4. GPS mission game
  5. Rabbitto profile
  6. Great Eastern Geocaching Project cache trail
  7. Mobile Geocaching Australia website for mobiles
  8. Well rounded cacher game
Episode #3528-09-2008 Geotalk talks to RoundCircle about geocaching in the Victorian Goldfields and at night, and we give you some tips for a successful geocache hunt.
Episode #3402-09-2008 Geotalk speaks to Shauna from Groundspeak about Where I Go, Virtuals and Waymarking, we congratulate one of our approvers on reaching a milestone and talk you through how to create a caches along a route pocket query. <
Episode #3306-08-2008 The last round of audio clues for the XoE series of geocaches are available. We speak to the evil behind these caches, [email protected], discuss the GeoSportz and Well Rounded cacher games, chat with Big Matt from Canberra and hear about Tronador's trip pursuing Cliffhanger. Haven't purchased a Geotalk geocoin yet? Less than 20 remain. Page for Australian purchasers and for International.
Episode #3223-07-2008 Geotalk chats to 2LegDrive about the Spot Navigator, we walk through the city of Sydney with The Mad Russian, and we pay tribute to one of Australia's great geocachers.
Episode #3106-07-2008 Geotalk chats to mos6510 about an innovative geocache, learn how to beat the competition in those FTF chases, and listen to the first set of audio clues for a new set of geocaches being released around the country. Got something to something to add to the show? Email geotalk AT mac.com or call (02) 800 50 436 (GEO) <
Episode #3018-06-2008 Hear how Flipper and Co reached an amazing 222 days of consecutive caching, a review of the Nokia N95 and find out who won the gold Geotalk geocoin.
Episode #2927-05-2008 Discover how GPS is being used at a new green cemetary in Lismore, listen to one of Australia's first geocachers Embi and celebrate a range of milestones.
Episode #2806-05-2008 Geotalk travels to Albury-Wodonga to chat with Marcus Vitruvius and then on to Tasmania to find out more about the Geocaching Association of Tasmania. <
Episode #2721-04-2008 Geotalk continues its discussion with Zytheran about puzzle caches (including tips on how to solve them), we found out what are the most unloved geocaches in Australia, and announce the new geocoin.  <
Episode #2625-03-2008 Zytheran provides an insight into his puzzle caches ways, the winners of the ACT cache of the year awards are announced and we mention changes in the approval of geocaches in NSW National Parks. <
Episode #2519-02-2008 Discover what happened in Auckland when the police surrounded a geocache, hear about the latest updates on the Geocaching Australia website and my list of safe geocaching tips.
Episode #2405-02-2008 Geotalk comes to you from the Podcacher studios in San Diego, where we talk to Sonny and Sandy (aka iTrax and Foxtail), point out the GCA funding topic on the forums and announce the winner of the spinner geocoin for the New Year's resolution competition. <
Episode #2322-01-2008 Geotalk gets into the clandestine world of urban geocaching with Sydney cacher Philma and we read and hear some of your geocaching New Year resolutions.
Episode #2228-12-2007 Geotalk talks to SA Parrothead from Adelaide, offer a free spinner geocoin, revisit the topic of snakes in summer, preview some New Year events and read out some of your emails. To win the South Pointing Chariot Geocoin, send in your New Year's geocaching resolution as an email (either written or recorded as mp3), or call it in to (02) 800 50 436. You have until Saturday, 26 January 2008. The winner will be selected at random.
Episode #2121-11-2007 Baby gopher talks about geocaching in the NSW Riverina, we go on an audio tour in search of Daylight, preview events in the lead up to Christmas.
Episode #2013-10-2007 Freddo from Adelaide talks about his geocaching experiences, we preview events around the country, and I discuss OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap
Episode #1915-09-2007 Murphy78 chats about caching in the Riverina region of NSW, Geoaware talks about the birth of Earthcaches and we get a few guest call-ins.
Episode #1811-08-2007 Geotalk speaks to PostieGirl06 from the wine growing region of South Australia, ctaches up with the human travel bugs Liz and Bruce, and previews events around the country.
Episode #1727-07-2007 Catch up with one of Victoria's profilic geocachers, acts2youthgroup, learn about Wagga's geocaching history with Roostaman, and hear my five tips of geocaching.
Episode #1607-07-2007 Dubbo long weekend event special. Geocacher profile with Postman Pat, geowives and Team Crow. Interviews by Pesky and Mix.
Episode #1518-06-2007 The Wackys from Adelaide, Part 2 of Waymarking (creating a waymark) and a few event previews feature in Episode 15 of Geotalk. Once again, Geotalk has a new domain (www.geotalkpodcast.com) and a voicemail number. Call and leave feedback, comments or any old rant on (02) 800 50 436.
Episode #1404-06-2007 In Episode 14 of Geotalk we talk to Dooghan, The UMP discusses the role of a cache reviewer, and Mix and I chat about Waymarking, including categories, and finding and logging waymarks. I
Episode #1319-05-2007 In this episode of Geotalk we talk to Bear_Left, talked to Cached about the game River Deep Mountain High and finish with a song from the Podcacher.com podcast (congrats on your 100th podcast guys).
Episode #1206-05-2007 In this episode of Geotalk we talk to Clockwise, discuss caching with your mobile phone, Mix chats with participants at the Old Brush event and you'll hear a sneak peak at Geotalk video edition 3.
Episode #1122-04-2007 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with Grank from Central Coast NSW
  • Argustuft about wheelchair geocaching
  • Andyayre creator of Handicaching.com
Episode #1001-04-2007 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with Bewilderbeast from Canberra
  • Wheelchair access about wheelchair geocaching
  • Highlights from the Canberra Geocache of the Year event
Episode #902-03-2007 Geocacher profile with Maccamob from Victoria
CraigRat reveals the winners of the 2006 Tasmanian Geocache of the Year
Geocachers share their thoughts about micros
Episode #816-02-2007 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with The President from NSW
  • Adacache talks about geocoins
  • A special quiz question
Episode #702-02-2007 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with Rogainer from Queensland
  • Geocache event round-up
  • Audio from the first Geotalk Video podcast
  • A surprise at the end
Episode #618-01-2007 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with Dak's Emu Mob from Victoria
  • Shelly from Spruce Moose reminds us about GCA licence renewals
  • Spindoc Bob gets lost in the bush
Episode #505-01-2007 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with Rabbitto from Victoria
  • Bronze talking about the Earth Shattering Kaboom event near Dubbo
  • Bryon Roth from Groundspeak about the Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug campaign.
Episode #422-12-2006 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with Tankengine from Canberra
  • Sue from Team Astro about her encounter with a Death Adder
  • Geocachers at the NSW Christmas BBQ geocaching event.
Episode #307-12-2006 In this episode you'll hear:
  • Geocacher profile with NobodyZ from Western Australia
  • My favourite 'bush' caches in Canberra
  • Interview with Stewart Kozlowski from Taronga Park Zoo about Australian snakes.
Episode #224-11-2006
  • Geocacher profile with Cached from South Australia
  • My favourite urban caches in Canberra
  • Event previews from Melbourne, Adelaide and Rockhampton
  • Part 2 of an interview with Clyde England, the creator of Geocache Swiss Army Knife (GSAK).
Episode #111-11-2006 Welcome to the first episode of Geotalk - the podcast for geocachers 'down under'.
  • Geocacher profile with Mix from Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Event previews from Perth and Sydney
  • Part 1 of an interview with Clyde England, the creator of Geocache Swiss Army Knife (GSAK).

Geotalk Podcasts - Video

Spindoc Bob also created a video channel for the 20 video episodes he made of Geotalk. Clicking on the episode number takes you to the video on You Tube.

Episode# Date Description Links
Episode #2012/11/2013 In January 2013 I headed into Brisbane Waters National Park to collect two Old School Caches and enjoy a long walk in the park geocaching. It was a great day, but I didn't have it all my way.
Episode #1917/11/2012 While standing on top of Flagstaff Hill near the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, I find one of the country's oldest geocaches.
Episode #1826/02/2012 Taking the Magellan eXplorist 610 on a geocaching trip south of Sydney. Unfortunately it highlights this units only major shortcoming: recording video. This is a pity as its camera takes great still images.
Episode #1722/02/2011 Join Team Webguy as they tackle one of New South Wales more challenging geocaches - Fireplace.
Episode #1609/06/2009 Join two of NSW most prolific geocachers as they head into Kosciuszko National Park to reach Valentine Falls.
Episode #1505/03/2009 Marcus Vitruvius leads a group of geocachers to the top of Victoria's highest peak - Mt Bogong.
Episode #1422/12/2008 Damo takes us on a hunt to find a geocache in the Central American country of Guatemala.
Episode #1321/11/2008 The Spindoctors lead a group of local geocachers to the top of Tidbinbilla Peak to maintain an unloved cache.
Episode #1219/10/2008 Geotalk presents the entries in the Axis of Evil competition as we tackle Cliffhanger...again!
Episode #1115/09/2008 Join the merry band of Geotalk adventurers as they conquer one of Sydney's best geocaches - The Final Cut. Warning: Does contain a spoiler.
Episode #1011/08/2008 Team Webguy and Wingnut take us on a trip to the Cliff Hanger (GC14XGC) in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. Note: Explicit language in opening scene.
Episode #906/06/2008 Join Spindoc Bob, Webguy, Wingnut, Usat31 and setsujoku as we go searching for geocaches in the city of Sydney.
Episode #802/02/2008 Spindoc Bob meets up with Haima in Taipei for a quick geocaching run in the city. Apologies for audio, as it was recorded on my mobile phone.
Episode #721/12/2007 Webguy takes on part two of his geocaching adventure through the city of churches - Adelaide. Big thanks to ABowie for assisting Webguy during the weekend adventure.
Episode #610/10/2007 Geotalk travels to Campbelltown to attend the Weapons of Mass Distraction event, and speaks with the event organiser Homedg.
Episode #515/07/2007 Webguy travels to Adelaide to meet Team Astro, and tackles one of Zytheran's underground caches.
Episode #409/06/2007 Geotalk travels to the You Yangs north of Geelong and finds an interesting geocoin in Melbourne.
Episode #311/05/2007 The GeoTalk crew travel deep into the Earth to find 'Daylight'. Along the way they discuss lyrebirds, railway tracks and orange mud.
Episode #226/04/2007 Join the Geotalk crew as they climb Mount Solitary, south of Katoomba. Along the way they meet up with Team Altair and discover what it takes to be a 'solo man'.
Episode #101/02/2007 Welcome to the first video edition of Geotalk. Join Webguy, Webguy Jr, Wingnut and I as we abseil down to a cache at the foothills of the Blue Mountains, on the western outskirts of Sydney.