From the inception of Geocaching NSW in 2009, the association has always been keen to organise events.   Events are a great way of bringing together the geocaching community, create interest from occasional passer-by’s and through CITO events giving back to the wider community by cleaning up our playing board.

In the below table all Geocaching NSW events have been listed with links to the original geocache page.

Date Title Location Activity CITO Education Expedition Meeting Special Event
2009-02-08 Geocaching NSW February 2009 meeting Carlingford X
2009-03-01 A Royal Cleanup Bundeena X
2009-04-27 Geocaching 101 – Sydney Carlingford X
2009-08-02 Geocaching NSW 2009 AGM Carlingford X
2009-09-21 Geocaching 102 – Sydney Carlingford X
2009-12-12 Nurragingy Christmas party Doonside X
2010-02-13 Geocaching 101: Paperless caching Carlingford X
2010-03-07 Bonnie Vale Clean Up Royal National Park X
2010-05-01 10 Years! Sydney, Australia Lane Cove X
2010-06-27 Geocaching 101: History, Mysteries and Mega Caches Carlingford X
2010-08-08 Geocaching NSW 2010 AGM Carlingford X
2010-10-09 Geocaching NSW – South Coast invasion Nowra X
2010-11-27 Geocaching NSW: Parramatta Xmas party Lake Parramatta X
2011-02-19 Geocaching 101: Caching in National Parks Rydalmere X
2011-04-09 Geocaching NSW – Port Stephens invasion Nelson Bay X
2011-04-30 Lane Cove National Park clean up Lane Cove X
2011-06-26 Spit bridge to Manly walk Manly X
2011-08-07 Geocaching NSW 2011 AGM Carlingford X
2011-10-22 Wolli Creek valley walk Marrickville X
2011-12-04 Geocaching NSW: 2011 Xmas party East Hills X
2012-02-05 North Sydney get together Waverton X
2012-03-04 Pick up for the penguins Manly X
2012-03-04 Cleanup The Blue Mountains – Wentworth Falls 2012 Wentworth Falls X
2012-04-29 Walking The Bluies – Golden Stairs – Furber Steps Katoomba X
2012-06-23 Geocaching 101 Carlingford X
2012-08-05 Geocaching NSW 2012 AGM Carlingford X
2012-10-28 A Great Northern Walk By The River Berowra Waters X
2012-12-02 Geocaching NSW: 2012 Xmas party Auburn X
2013-01-26 Coffee and Puzzles workshop Ryde X
2013-04-21 Lane Cove National Park CITO Lane Cove X
2013-08-03 Geocaching NSW 2013 AGM Carlingford X
2013-09-15 A Walk on the Wild Side – Bondi to Coogee Coogee X
2013-10-27 Geocaching NSW – Mudgee Invasion Mudgee X
2013-12-01 Geocaching NSW: 2013 Christmas Party Penrith X
2014-01-11 A Decade of Discovery – Celebrating Wasp Head EC South Durras X
2014-03-02 It’s Time to Come Clean – An Earthcache CITO Emu Plains X
2014-07-13 A Wander Through The Wilderness Katoomba X
2014-08-03 Geocaching NSW 2014 AGM Carlingford X
2014-10-11 The Amazing Chase Sydney Olympic Park X
2014-11-30 Ho Ho Ho – A Geocaching Christmas Par Putney X
2015-02-14 Mid-North Coast Invasion – It’s Tucker Port Macquarie X
2015-02-15 Mid-North Coast Invasion – Oh Brother!! Laurieton X
2015-04-26 Please Come Clean! – Sydney Park CITO St Peters X
2015-05-17 Let’s Party – Come Celebrate Australia’s First Lane Cove X
2015-08-09 Geocaching NSW 2015 AGM Carlingford X
2015-10-17 Come Camping @ Casuarina Martinsville X
2015-11-29 A Merry Geo-Christmas 2015 Prospect X
2016-02-27 Bathurst Invasion – Food, Glorious Food! Bathurst X
2016-02-28 Bathurst Invasion – Give Peace A Chance Bathurst X
2016-04-16 Calling all Diggers! – A GCNSW CITO Event Roseville X
2016-06-19 A Wander By The Lake Parramatta X
2016-07-31 Geocaching NSW 2016 AGM Carlingford X
2016-09-25 The Spit Reserve – That’s A Paddlin’ Mosman X
2016-12-04 Merry Geocachemas! GCNSW Xmas 2016 Carss Park X
2017-02-18 Goulburn Invasion – Dinner @ Diggers Goulburn X
2017-02-19 Goulburn Invasion – A Rally By The River Goulburn X
2017-04-30 Green Thumbs in Greenacre – A GCNSW CITO event Greenacre X
2017-06-18 Wonderful Winter Walk: Wollstonecraft -> Waverton Wollstonecraft X
2017-08-20 Geocaching NSW 2017 AGM Carlingford X
2017-10-22 Climbing into Spring – A GCNSW Skills Event  St Peters X
2017-12-03 Merry Geocachemas! GCNSW Xmas 2017 Chipping Norton X
2018-02-24 Jervis/Huskisson Expedition – GeoDinner Time! Huskisson X
2018-02-25 Jervis/Huski Expedition – Voyage to Voyager Park Huskisson X
2018-04-29 Cooks River Cleanup – A GCNSW CITO Event Canterbury X
2018-07-01 A Winter Walk by Brisbane Water Woy Woy X
2018-08-12 Geocaching NSW 2018 AGM: Celebrating 10 Years! Carlingford X
2018-10-14 Rock into Spring Mittagong X
2018-12-02 Dear Santa, I can explain Galston X
2019-02-16 Newcastle Expedition – GeoDinner Time Stockton X
2019-02-17 Newcastle Expedition – Memorial Park Stockton X
2019-04-28 CITO, ready for take off! Whalan X
2019-06-09 A Winter Walk In The Bluies Lawson X
2019-08-18 Geocaching NSW 2019 AGM Rhodes X
2019-10-20 Sssspring Sssskills Event La Perouse X
2019-11-16 Geocaching NSW GIFF Event 2019 Lane Cove X
2019-12-01 Santa Visits GCNSW Doonside
2020-01-08 Introduction to Geocaching – January Session 1 Sydney Olympic Park X
2020-01-22 Introduction to Geocaching – January Session 2 Sydney Olympic Park X
2020-03-01 Let’s Settle Inn at St Albans St Albans X
AGM – Online X
2021-02-28 See Ya Summer GCNSW Community Celebration Event Sydney Olympic Park X
2021-04-25 CITO in The Shire Taren Point X
2021-05-22 GULGADYA GEOCACHE EVENT hosted by GCNSW Leichhardt X
2021-06-20 GCNSW Lizard Log – Winter Walk Abbotsbury X
AGM – Online X
2021-12-05 It’s time to get Santa-tised Parramatta X
2022-03-05 Hunter Expedition – Munchies in Maitlan Maitland X
2022-03-06 Hunter Expedition – Morpeth Mingle Morpeth X
2022-05-15 High Adventures Meet’n’Greet Abbotsbury X
2022-07-24 Rileys Riverview – A Winter Walk Mulgoa X
AGM – Online X
2022-10-23 Fernleigh Fun Ride – A Biking Adventure Newcastle X
2022-12-04 A Very Merry Geo-Christmas Mount Annan X
2023-02-24 Kosciuszko Expedition 2023 – A Jindy Feast Jindabyne X
2023-02-25 Kosciuszko Expedition 2023 – A Jindy Jaunt Jindabyne X
2023-02-26 Kosciuszko Expedition 2023 – A Jindy Brekkie Jindabyne X
2023-04-30 River of Eels – A GCNSW CITO Event Parramatta X
2023-06-25 Lookout to Lookout – Our Winter Walk Bulli X
2023-09-17 Cooks River Biking Adventure Tempe X
2023-10-22 The Great Aussie Keytag Trek Cockatoo Island X
2023-11-12 GIFF 2023 – Sydney Olympic Park Sydney Olympic Park X
2023-12-10 A Very Merry Geocaching NSW Christmas Party 2023 Brooklyn X
2024-01-13 Vicennial of Discovery – Celebrating Wasp Head EC South Durras X
2024-04-20 Wagga Wagga Expedition 2024 – The Banquet Wagga Wagga X
2024-04-20 Wagga Wagga Expedition 2024 – Park It! Wagga Wagga X
2024-04-20 Wagga Wagga Expedition 2024 – A Garden Brekkie Wagga Wagga X
2024-04-20 A Royal CITO – A GCNSW CITO Event Royal Botanical Park X