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Welcome to our refreshed website! 

We hope you will find the information in here useful.
Of course you will find your webshop with Geocaching NSW geocoins, path tags and apparal.

New is a separate section on our Geo-Discovery Series, highlighting interesting geocaching destinations in New South Wales.
New is also our Event page, showing all events in New South Wales, as well as Mega Events Australia wide and early announcements of Geocaching NSW events.

Or dive into Geocaching history with audio and video podcasts of GeoTalk, hosted by the late Spindoc Bob.
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we continue to build out our website.

A special mention to Laighside Legends and It’s Dozzie for creating and maintaining the new website.


GCNSW Expedition

In 2023 Geocaching NSW embarked on an expedition to Jindabyne.  During the three day expedition we welcomed many teams at our events. 

Also for 2024 Geocaching NSW will organise an expedition.  In the weekend of 23rd/24th/25th of February we will be exploring Wagga Wagga in the beautiful Riverena Region.
Wagga Wagga is around a five hour drive from Sydney and Melbourne and just under three hours from Canberra.

So come along and make a long weekend of it, perhaps as a stop-over on your way to the South Australian Mega Event in Adelaide on the 29th February. There are lots of fabulous geocaches to be found in this region so why not team up with a few friends and enjoy a fantastic period of geocaching fun.  Head over to our event page to find all events, and log your Will Attend!

Locationless Cache GC9FAVE

Have you logged  GC9FAVE – Discovered while geocaching – Locationless Cache yet?

By logging this cache, you’ll score a rare cache icon and share a favorite local place that you discovered with geocaching!

Maybe you’ll choose a place where you hid a cache, or perhaps somewhere you discovered when searching for a cache.

This Locationless Cache is available until December 31, 2023.  So if you haven’t logged already, hurry to ensure you do not miss out on this cache!

Make a plan for the time you have
Geocaching outings can spring from inspiration in so many ways: a trail recommendation, a new town to explore, or a cache you have wanted to find and experience. Make sure you pick a destination that you have enough time for on the day of your trip, and tell others where you’re going. Rushing could lead to a deviation of your plan and having you and your group out later than expected, or in a place you weren’t planning to go.

Check the weather and trail conditions
The saying goes: “there’s no bad weather, just poor planning!” Checking the weather or the trail conditions will help you bring the clothing and gear you’ll need to be successful. Even the right jacket could dramatically affect how comfortable you are on your trip, so knowing the temperature and the possibility of rain will help you get to where you want to go.

The Aussie bush
The Aussie bush can be unpredictable.  Stay up to date about floods and fire alerts can be life saving.  Consider bringing a snake bite kit in the summer and carrying a Personal Locator Beacon in case of emergency and without mobile phone reception.

Grab the right gear
Check the description and recent activity on the geocaching pages on your List to make sure you’ll bring the right gear along so you can reach the caches you’re looking for.  From kayaks to trekking poles to bandanas to snowshoes, the right gear can make a huge difference. And of course, don’t forget your pen!

Bring snacks and water
Bodies need fuel to keep going, so bringing along some snacks and water to keep you going will definitely keep you happy on your outing. Bringing more than you think you need will ensure you still have some food with you if you experience a delay.

Knowledge is power—the more you know before you leave for your trip and the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to be successful! How do you stay prepared for your cache outings?