Caching in and around Albury, Murray River and Lake Hume.

Located just north of the mighty Murray River, the regional town of Albury is an important location when it comes to the history of exploration in NSW. Just as Hume and Hovell made their mark on a tree along the riverbank here in 1824, so too can you by discovering an abundance of interesting, scenic and historic caches in and around Albury.

Along with its southern twin Wodonga, Albury is well known as a NSW/Victorian border town and is a popular pit stop for those traveling between these two states. A further 10 km upstream from Albury, along the Murray River is the magnificent Lake Hume and Hume Dam. These two features are certainly something to behold with the lake holding approximately 6 times the volume of water as that of Sydney Harbour and the 51m high and 1,615m wide dam wall taking 17 years to build.

There are some terrific caches located in this region but our top picks include:

Hovell’s Tree (GC17TMY): In 1824 former Royal Navy Captain William Hovell and his colleague Hamilton Hume were tasked with leading an expedition to find new grazing land in the south of the colony, and also to find an answer to the mystery of where New South Wales’s western rivers flowed. Your task for this multi cache is to gather some information in relation to their journey in order to find GZ!

Ettamogah Pub Albury (GC89156): Maaaaaate! Deadset, ya can’t come to Albury and not stop at the iconic Ettamogah Pub for this virtual! You’ll be spewin’ if ya don’t! There’s lots of interesting things to see here and good coffee and grub!

The Longest Platform (GC27Y73): If you’re a train fanatic and/or lover of architecture then you can’t go past this micro sized traditional hidden at the historic Albury Railway Station which features one of the longest platforms in Australia!

Botanic Wander (GC32K6H): Get those feet moving and enjoy a scenic stroll around Albury’s beautiful botanic gardens. A mystery cache, this will require you to visit 6 locations within the gardens to calculate GZ.

CP Down the Drain (GC4WMCR): If you’re traveling with mini cachers then this is the series for you. Located on a fantastic, well defined bike/walking track you’ll encounter fantastic views of the beautiful Murray River. You may also like to combine this with the Yindyamarra sculpture walk Adventure Lab and take in some of the great art and sculptures along the way.

Hume Dam (GC9P5Z4): This virtual will provide you with impressive views of the dam, Lake Hume and the Albury country-side.

If you’re traveling between NSW and Victoria, do yourself a favour and take some time to explore this fantastic, historic region by grabbing a few of these fun hides!

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