The NSW South Coast stretches from Sydney to the border with Victoria. The area is famous for its easy-going seaside villages, pristine beaches, sparkling waters, dense forests and abundant wildlife. Be amazed at the changing colors of the water, from blue to green to turquoise, depending on the depth and the sunlight.  

It is no surprise that against this backdrop there are many high rated Traditionals, Virtuals and Earth Caches to be found,  many of which have collected over 50 favorite points!

We begin this edition of Geo Discovery at South Durras, a must-do stop for geocachers. Just north of Batemans Bay, this sleepy seaside village  is home to the first ever Earth Cache. Placed in 2004, Earthcache I – a simple geology tour of Wasp Head (GCHFT2) showcases the rich geological history around Wasp Head. Bring your cozzies and after completing the Earthcache have a refreshing dip in the clear waters of Mill Beach. 

Bermagui is at the north end of the Sapphire Coast. After picking up a treat at the HonorBakery, head down to Bermagui Blue Pool and share lunch with the sea lions and a crab colony. And while you are there, make sure to complete the virtual cache Bermagui Blue Pools (GC9P6RA).

Just south of Tathra, Reflections on the Water (GC4G71W) is well worth a visit. After finding this creative cache and adding your name to the log, sit down at the shores of the lake for a picnic or a cuppa. Or drive further to Turingal Head if you enjoy a walk along deserted beaches.

In the coastal town of Merimbula, a short but level walk will bring you to Rock On Long Point (GC7QM95). Placed on a headland it is hard to choose whether you want to look for the geocache or scan the waters for whales and dolphins. 

Eden is the southernmost town on the Sapphire Coast which is steeped in history and culture. Situated halfway between Melbourne and Sydney it was once an option for the nation’s capital.

Highly recommended is a visit to Eden’s Killer Whale Museum which tells the story of the unique relationship between the whalers and the orcas and the story of Benjamin Boyd. The museum pulls together some of the locations and geocaches that can be visited around Twofold Bay, such as the Adventure Lab ‘Bend your Backs’. This Adventure Lab features the legacy of Ben Boyd and takes you on a road trip to Boyd Town and the Davidson Whaling Station, which also has the virtual cache Old Tom Virtual Reward 2.0 (GC890KD)  The final point for the Adventure Lab is Boyd Tower which has an excellent whale watching platform. Whale sightings almost guaranteed!  

So for your next long weekend or holiday consider a trip down the Far South Coast of NSW, along the Sapphire Coast. With plenty to offer for both geocachers and muggles, no one will be disappointed.

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