At an event in 2022, Calypso62 suggested a geocaching trip to Norfolk Island. It struck a chord within the geocaching community and in May 2024 a group of 35 geocachers, some with friend or spouse, boarded a flight to this remote island.

Norfolk Island is a small subtropical island approximately 1,600 km north-east of Sydney. It is a tiny Australian island defined by Norfolk pine trees and jagged cliffs. It features sandy beaches include Emily Bay, with reef-protected waters and the Norfolk Island National Park offers views over palm forests and a 360 degree view of the island. The sub-tropical climate guarantees nice temperatures all year round.

Measuring only 8 km by 5 km it is easy to get around with a hire car. No traffic lights and only two roundabouts makes for a nice change from the hectic streets of Sydney. Be prepared to wave to every driver that you pass.

The island has a rich history with three settlement periods and this is evident at many places on the island. Especially the period when Norfolk Island was a penal colony is tangible in the capital of Kingston.  Kingston is a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site with well preserved buildings. A self-guided or organised tour is highly recommended to learn more of Norfolk’s fascinating past.

At the time of writing, the island is home to 71 geocaches and 5 Adventure Labs which can all be found in two days. However, more time should be allowed to truly enjoy the amazing scenery in which many of these geocaches have been placed. With so many great caches it is hard to pick favourites. Judging by the favourite points awarded, the following deserve a special mention:

  • On the North side of the island, starting at the Captain Cook look out, take the trail for a strenuous walk to Bird Rock. The views are second to none and a traditional and Earthcache are an extra bonus on this walk.
  • Show me the Lights on the East side of the island is another cache with an enjoyable walk and some spectacular views as a reward.
  • The adventure lab at the Botanical Gardens is the starting point for a mini power trail that leads to the top of Mount Pitt.
  • More inland you can find St Barnabas, a late 19th century wooden church well worth a visit.
  • When you have found all caches on the island, you will also qualify for ‘Norfolk Island Se Dun Challenge‘.  So this will be an additional incentive to go geocaching on the island!

Our group of 35 geocachers roamed the island and a daily geocache-event meant we all regrouped at the end of the day, shared the experiences and made plans for dinner.

A special thanks goes to Calypso62 for organising this great week and to endeavour3, our local Norfolk Island geocacher who assisted with solving puzzles, being a local tour guide and who shared his experiences and knowledge on living on this remote, but beautiful island.

Also checkout Geocaching Down Under episode S5E6  where ziggiau will dive into the details of this geocaching expedition.

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  1. JANETTE Vanderkyl

    It was certainly a great week for both the geocachers and non- geocachers in the group. Lots to see and do!

  2. AlphaDeltaIndigo

    Very well articulated about our experience!!
    I’m so glad I decided to join you all too visit this very cool island!