The Central Coast of New South Wales is a vibrant place. Steeped in natural beauty, it has sustainability at heart as one of Australia’s first certified ECO Destinations. Fringed by 40+ beaches, shaped by valuable waterways, and hemmed with lush wilderness, it’s only 90 minutes north of Sydney or south of Newcastle. Our slice of east coast paradise is home to a nationally awarded gourmet foodie scene, array of coastal, hinterland and aquatic treasures, diverse art trails, creative communities, and immersive cultural experiences.

Whilst Central Coast may not have large numbers of geocaches, it is quality caches what sets the Central Coast apart.  So if numbers is not your game but you enjoy adventure, great walks in nature and some fabulous caches, then the Central Coast is a destination to put in your calendar!  Spoiled for choice find below a few of our favourite caches.

If you are after a great bushwalk you can’t go past any of barefootjeff’s multis which will have you visiting some great locations and usually follow a fun theme as well, like The Bushranger’s legacy (GC9M6X5) which will have you following some creative clues to get to the final destination.

Bouddi National Park is the destination for the “Wreck of the Maitland” adventure lab cache, which can be combined with Heaven’s Above Bouddi (GC5TM96). You will be in for a treat as these caches take you through some amazing forests, great views and a near deserted beach as final destination. Bring your swimmers and a picnic and enjoy a lazy afternoon!

Next, saddle up and go in search of The Headless Horseman’s Head (GCA25XJ). A good story line combined with well thought-out waypoints and a great final location. This is a fantastic cache to introduce our favourite passtime to newbies.

A bit further up the coast you will find the WOO Trail — Ruby Red Slippers (GC91KGJ), a nice family friendly series along a fire trail , fun for kids and adults alike.  If, at the end of a day at the Central Coast you are up for a night cache, Jenny Nixon —- Nightcache (GCA3XPH) is one not to be missed.

So , next time you are heading down the M1 motorway, take the Gosford exit and spend one or more days in this beautiful area full of interesting caches.

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