GCHFT2 Earthcache I – A simple geology tour of Wasp Head” was the first ever Earthcache that was placed and a new cachetype was introduced by Groundspeak.   This Earthcache recently reached it’s 20 year anniversary and to celebrate Geocaching NSW held an event at Wasp Head.

The weather was hot but luckily we had the Geocaching NSW gazebo for a bit of shade. With over 30 teams attending, there was lots of geocaching chat and the cupcakes were yummy.

The local ice cream shop did a roaring trade and lots of people went and did the nearby earthcaches.

We also received a message from geoaware (the CO of the Earthcache) which was read out at the event:

Dear friends

I am so honored that you have gathered to celebrate the placing of the first EarthCache and wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

Who would have known that this seed of an idea would sprout into being a huge phenomenon around the globe with thousands of EarthCaches in every country and some even on Antarctica. Since placing this one – and to this date I think its one of the best – I placed two more in Australia before moving to the USA. 


Within six months the concept had taken off, and with the generous support of Geocaching.com, we have ended up with a
unique cache type that has been visited by millions of people each and every year.


I am very proud of what I have added to the game. I am equally proud that that an Australian came up with the idea, worked behind the scenes and reviewed so many to get the concept started.


Once an Aussie – always an Aussie!


Cheers to you all! Happy Caching…and I hope I get to meet some of you on a caching trip in the future.


Gary – Geoaware!

Gary's letter was read during the event. (photo by The Rats)
Durras - Group photo - 2
Group photo (photo by Mighty Minions)
Time for Celebration (photo by Brewmaker)

Geocaching NSW would like to thank its committee members  Mighty Minions and Brewmaker for making this event a success. 

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