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Virtual Rewards in NSW

In the back half of last year Groundspeak rewarded active hiders around the world with a big surprise... Virtual Rewards! A strictly limited number of new Virtual Caches. Virtual Caches were originally designed for locations that would not suit a physical box but still worthy of bringing a cacher too. However, in order to stop overuse and saturation Groundspeak grandfathered them in 2004 as an available option. Now it is true Virtuals are plentiful on and was basically set up by Groundspeak to replace the cache type, but we thought it was worth recognising the NSW geocachers who won, and have now hidden, their rare Virtual Caches! 

Before August 2017, there were 13 active Virtual Caches left in NSW. That number has now nearly doubled to 25! Here is a full list of currently published "2017 Virtual Rewards" and their rough geographic locations within NSW. There is a good spread and variety from the very easy to the down right devious! Congratulations to all the cachers for their contributions to our hobby that earned them this prize.

Fortress by The Hancock Clan (GC7B6E4) - The Blue Mountains

Whatarippavista!! by Calypso62 (GC7B7JN) - Hawkesbury

Ozymandias by fimbulisen (GC7B7VT) - Sydney: City

Virtual Reward: A Rewarding View by Lonely_Rooster (GC7B8G4) - South Coast

Scarbrain Jumps the Bay by chudles (GC7B8K9) - Sydney: Northern Beaches

The Governors Domain by SEAN0 (GC7B8VV) - Sydney: Parramatta

Shark Rock Ridge by asbestiform (GC7B9DG) - Hawkesbury

Explorer 3 Virtual Reward Cache by Aussietodde (GC7B9GZ) - North Coast

Figure Eight by Seemyshell (GC7B9MJ) - Illawarra

 Clyde River Bridge by (GC7B8FX) - South Coast

The Coathanger by Baktrak (GC7B6MY) - Sydney: City

Fernleigh Tunnel by Marcus Vitruvius (GC7B6ZN)Hunter