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Geocaching NSW events

CITO 2017 - Green Thumbs in Greenacre

Our volunteer bushcarers taking a break

To mark this year's April CITO weekend, Geocaching NSW's Kid Ron Satan worked with Strathfield Council to organise an outdoor environmental event at the Davidson Street Bushland Reserve.

This bushland harbours some rare and interesting indigenous flora and fauna species but until now hasn't received much volunteer input. Over 25 volunteers turned up for the event and Council's Natural Resources Coordinator, who had never heard of geocaching before, remarked what a great group we all were. He is very hopeful Geocaching NSW might return to this site.

We got a lot done in just a couple of hours. Achievements included:

  • planting 65 local plants including Bursaria spinosa (Sweet Bursaria), Lomandra longifolia (Matt Rush) and Xanthorrhoea resinosa ssp concava (Grass Tree)
  • removal of several large Lantana bushes - collection and removal of a number of bags of litter and rubbish
  • spreading of woody waste for use as mulch in the creation of a new garden bed at the front entry
  • enhancement of existing frog pond

Some of the new plantings

Besides the worthwhile environmental achievements, there was plenty of camaraderie around all things geocaching and the early release of our 2017 geocoin. We were delighted to welcome several new members to the association too.

See the photos and read all the logs here on the event cache page.