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Geocaching NSW events

Geocaching NSW: 2013 Christmas Party

Geocaching NSW welcomes all comers to our 2013 Geocaching Christmas Party in the Western Suburbs of Sydney

Come along and join us for some geocaching fun and socialising to celebrate another year of caching (almost!) done and dusted.

The event will be held at Tench Reserve alongside the Nepean River in Penrith on Sunday December 1st 2013.

Full details are on the cache page here.


New geocachers are most welcome to attend as it's a great way to meet the local geocaching community and pick up some tips on finding and hiding geocaches.

This event is open to Geocaching NSW members and non-members alike, all are welcome. Come learn about what the Association does and have a great time meeting like minded folk.


What?! You want more Caching Crazyness? Ok then...Silent. Ancient. Deadly. In December & January this Summer a new threat will rise. All across the country, hiding in plain sight, they stir.

The Australian Lesser Weeping Angel (or Boganus Angelous Deminutea Unconsolia - BADU for short) has long been kept under control, but now are on the verge of breaking free. The only way to stop them...Find them. Sign them. Separate them. Check out the Geocaching Australia Cache Race Launch event page for more details on how to be involved!