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Geocaching NSW events

Puzzle and coffee event - Jan 2013

jigsaw 300x200Have you been stuck trying to solve a puzzle for months and haven't made any progress? Does the thought of trying to solve a puzzle geocache cause you mind to go into a tail spin?
Then come along to our first Coffee and Puzzles event (GC440WJ) to be held at Citi Grill in the piazza area of the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. It will be held on Saturday 26 January, beginning at 10:00 am.
The event has been inspired by Noikmeister's 'Puzzles and Coffee' series of events, which began in September 2010.

There will be a short introduction at the start to get things rolling, after which people can form into groups and start solving. If you're a beginner don't worry, there will be someone to help and guide you along.

Also keep an eye out for keep an eye open in the Geocaching NSW forums to see what puzzles make it on the agenda.