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Geocaching in the media

Press Release: William Tyrrell Tree Stump Articles in Relation to Geocaching

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8th February 2016

Good evening,

As an organisation that promotes Geocaching in NSW and represents the hobby to government and councils in this state we are concerned by the misrepresentation of the activity in recent articles in relation to some graffiti found on a tree stump on the NSW Mid-North Coast. We are disappointed in a number of the articles as a few minutes of simple internet research would have uncovered the graffiti has nothing to do with geocaching.

We have spoken to the owner of the geocache and can say it is a simple coincidence of location that the spray painted message appeared directly above where a geocache was hidden.

The geocache (container with the log book and few other items in it at the base of the stump) in question was placed in July 2012, well before the disappearance of William. It is part of a series of caches hidden by locals placed in the area that lead players on a tour of the Mid-North Coast. The last geocacher to find the container did so on 13/1/2016 and they have relayed information that the spray paint was not there at the time so it is a recent addition to the tree that just happens to unfortunately have been written above a cache hide. A very small amount of research could have uncovered this information as it is publicly available online at

Geocaching is a family friendly hobby that appeals to people of all ages and lifestyles including kids who love finding the treasure that is hidden in a lot of them. Like everyone else we feel bad for William's family and hope the mystery is solved soon but we would appreciate you not bringing our hobby into disrepute without due cause and that your reporters could check their facts before running poorly researched or ill-informed articles.

We would appreciate the articles to be edited so as not to reflect poorly on the hobby and the people who participate in it. A clear indication that the message was not in fact related to geocaching would suffice. I realise geocaching can be confusing to people unfamiliar with the concept so if you have any questions please do get in touch.

Regards, James Finger

President - Geocaching NSW

M:          0437 151 983
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