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Geocaching news and events

World Parks Congress Geocaching Day

Well that was a lovely morning. Today some of the Committee and two very appreciated volunteers in Chad and Grant attended an event for the IUCN World Parks Congress in ‪#‎SydneyPark‬. The rain threatened but cleared to a glorious day and about 40 delegates from around the country and world got to experience Geocaching as an activity to bring youth into parks using technology. Huge thanks to those who helped out, and if you haven't yet, make sure you go check out the couple of permanent caches the park offers and the amazing rejuvenation the space has undergone in recent years.

Geocaching on the ABC

We were invited to chat on the ABC again to help "Weekend Warrior" Serpil discover the world of geocaching. She's uploaded the interview to Sound Cloud. We kick in at about 18:15 and it goes for about 15 minutes. Have a listen using the link below!

Press Release: William Tyrrell Tree Stump Articles in Relation to Geocaching

geocachingnsw horizontal

8th February 2016

Good evening,

As an organisation that promotes Geocaching in NSW and represents the hobby to government and councils in this state we are concerned by the misrepresentation of the activity in recent articles in relation to some graffiti found on a tree stump on the NSW Mid-North Coast. We are disappointed in a number of the articles as a few minutes of simple internet research would have uncovered the graffiti has nothing to do with geocaching.

We have spoken to the owner of the geocache and can say it is a simple coincidence of location that the spray painted message appeared directly above where a geocache was hidden.

The geocache (container with the log book and few other items in it at the base of the stump) in question was placed in July 2012, well before the disappearance of William. It is part of a series of caches hidden by locals placed in the area that lead players on a tour of the Mid-North Coast. The last geocacher to find the container did so on 13/1/2016 and they have relayed information that the spray paint was not there at the time so it is a recent addition to the tree that just happens to unfortunately have been written above a cache hide. A very small amount of research could have uncovered this information as it is publicly available online at

Geocaching is a family friendly hobby that appeals to people of all ages and lifestyles including kids who love finding the treasure that is hidden in a lot of them. Like everyone else we feel bad for William's family and hope the mystery is solved soon but we would appreciate you not bringing our hobby into disrepute without due cause and that your reporters could check their facts before running poorly researched or ill-informed articles.

We would appreciate the articles to be edited so as not to reflect poorly on the hobby and the people who participate in it. A clear indication that the message was not in fact related to geocaching would suffice. I realise geocaching can be confusing to people unfamiliar with the concept so if you have any questions please do get in touch.

Regards, James Finger

President - Geocaching NSW

M:          0437 151 983
E:           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CITO 2017 - Green Thumbs in Greenacre

Our volunteer bushcarers taking a break

To mark this year's April CITO weekend, Geocaching NSW's Kid Ron Satan worked with Strathfield Council to organise an outdoor environmental event at the Davidson Street Bushland Reserve.

This bushland harbours some rare and interesting indigenous flora and fauna species but until now hasn't received much volunteer input. Over 25 volunteers turned up for the event and Council's Natural Resources Coordinator, who had never heard of geocaching before, remarked what a great group we all were. He is very hopeful Geocaching NSW might return to this site.

We got a lot done in just a couple of hours. Achievements included:

  • planting 65 local plants including Bursaria spinosa (Sweet Bursaria), Lomandra longifolia (Matt Rush) and Xanthorrhoea resinosa ssp concava (Grass Tree)
  • removal of several large Lantana bushes - collection and removal of a number of bags of litter and rubbish
  • spreading of woody waste for use as mulch in the creation of a new garden bed at the front entry
  • enhancement of existing frog pond

Some of the new plantings

Besides the worthwhile environmental achievements, there was plenty of camaraderie around all things geocaching and the early release of our 2017 geocoin. We were delighted to welcome several new members to the association too.

See the photos and read all the logs here on the event cache page.

Geocaching on ABC Sydney 702 - Nov 29th 2014

Were you a sleepy head and miss the 6am segment on ‪#‎Geocaching‬ on 702 ABC Sydney last week? Well never fear! Here is a recording of the interview with Simon Marnie & President Zalgariath. This Sunday at the more reasonable hour of 10am Simon and Zal (aka James) will go for round 2 live at the ABC studios! So make sure you tune in... I have no idea what we'll talk about, but I've got a sneaking suspicion it will involve GPS and boxes...

Geocaching on ABC Riverina

Lookinng for something to do with the family this weekend? Former Geocaching NSW President Darren Osborne chats with ABC Riverina host Chris Coleman about Geocaching and EarthCaching.

Modern Day Treasure Hunt Goes Out Of This World

Image used with permission

"It’s the international treasure hunt that’s captured the globe, and now it’s headed out of this world."

NBN Newcastle did a geocaching feature on the occasion of a special travel bug blasting off with astronaut and geocacher, AstroRM, to the world's highest geocache, the International Space Station.

Geocaching NSW Committee member, Marcus Vitruvius, sporting a stylish GC NSW shirt, spoke with NBN reporter and web producer, Georgina Smyth. See the full report at

Summer Invasion 2016 - Look Out Bathurst!!

After the great success of our Regional Invasion to the Mid-North Coast in 2015, Geocaching NSW is delighted to invite all geocachers to Bathurst in the beautiful Central Tablelands for our 2016 invasion. The Bathurst region is the gateway to former gold rush towns and home to the annual Bathurst 1000 motor race. Just two and a half hours’ drive from Sydney, it’s a major events hub of Country NSW. The region has a lot to offer with natural attractions, hundreds of caches to find and many local activities.

On the weekend of February 27 & 28, you'll get not one, but two great events where local and visiting cachers can get together for double the fun! Come for either, come for both. They're listed on now. The invasion starts on Saturday evening with Food, Glorious Food!, and then restarts on the Sunday morning at Peace Park where we'll Give Peace A Chance

Click the links, read all the details and post your "Will Attend" now.

Myrtle rust

myrtle-rust-agonis 300x200At our 2012 North Sydney Get Together event, we were told that myrtle rust has now spread to the Sydney region. We have also been informed by geocachers in Queensland that it is now a problem in that state too. If you come across myrtle rust, please stand away from the affected tree, take a photo and mark the approximate coordinates with your GPS receiver. When you return home contact the council or land manager to alert them.

The following information is from fellow geocacher Meredith Stewart.

You may have heard over the last few months of an outbreak of Myrtle Rust on the Central Coast. While containment in the nurseries has beenlargely successful, in recent weeks the situation has worsened with it's detection in bushland in several reserves on the Central Coast. These reserves have been closed down and extensive control works are under way as we speak.

There is a risk that anyone moving through bushland could potentially be spreading the disease via spores on clothing, including hats, within a reserve or from one reserve to another.


Read more: Myrtle rust 

21st Century Treasure Hunt

sphinx 300x200At our 2011 AGM, Tiffany Hoy, a student from Macquarie University, came along and spoke with a group of geocachers for a feature she planned to write about geocachers.

The group, which included Calypso62 and Webwitch, invited her along for a group hunt after the event and introduced her to the 'hobby'.

Along with a number of of other interviews and contributions she has put together a great story titled 21st Century Treasure Hunt. It's a brilliant story and recommended reading. 

Well done to Tiffany - or should we say Epiphany22 - and to the geocachers who helped her with the article.

GCNSW Christmas Event Wrap

What a great day!

Well over 50 attendees came out to Prospect for the 2015 GCNSW Christmas Party last week. The sun shone, the teams chatted, we played games and The Aussie Geoocacher even found time to make this awesome video of the event (GOTY Spoiler Warning! :P).  

Tronador took home the annual "Closest Mint-Tin to the Ammo-Can" competition and is the owner of a GCNSW 50cal cache container we hope to see out soon. We couldnt split the effort of 3 junior cachers in the tower building comp so they were all rewarded with a GCNSW pathtag. 

A big thanks to all who made it out and made the event a success. Here is goodbye to 2015 and time to start to calculate those yearly stats to see what goals you can hit by December 31st. Hopefully your 2016 geocaching addiction leads you on many more adventures, great new discoveries, new geo-friends and those golden moments of finding clever, tricky, exhilerating and trophy caches. See you in Bathurst for the Invasion event in February next year and stay tuned for the official GOTY announcement soon!