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About Geocaching NSW

Meet the 2015/16 GCNSW Committee

It has been a few months since the AGM and things have already been busy for the new Committee. I'd firstly like to thank them for their work to date and say how much I look forward to working with them over the next year. For those who missed the meeting here is a summary of movements and appointments for 2015/16.

President - James Finger aka Zalgariath (Retained)
Vice-President - Warren Baldwin aka Marcus Vitruvius (Retained)
Secretary - Rex Callaghan aka Baktrak (Retained)
Treasurer - Richard Jary aka Richary (Retained)
Ordinary Committee Members - Bruce Buchanan aka Calypso62 (Retained),  Adrian Tonks aka Kid Ron Satan (New Appointment), Marc Hendrickx aka asbestiform (Retained)

Here is to a great year ahead and don't be afraid to get in touch to say hello of offer to lend a hand or suggestion.

Cheers, Zalgariath
President GCNSW

2015 Committee