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Geocaching in NSW National Parks

Guide to NPWS Consent Form

The following is a guide to filling in the NPWS Geocaching Consent Form. Before completing the form we recommend you contact the relevant Park Authority and discuss your geocache. They will highlight any areas considered off-limits for geocaches, as well as provide information that might assist you in completing this form.

The first section of the consent form requires that you include your name (not your geocaching name), email address, postal address and telephone number. This makes it easier for NPWS to contact if there is a problem with your geocache or there are changes to the area in which it is hidden.

Next you need to provide details about the geocache, including:

  • Cache name

  • Cache coordindates (Latitude/Longitude and UTM)
    Cache coordinates can be converted into UTM format using either your GPS or an online converter. If unsure, leave them out.

  • Container description and contents
    List the size, colour and material of the geocache. Note that according to the Standard Conditions at the end of the form, the only items you can include in the geocache are, geocache note, logbook, pen, pencil and pencil sharpener. A photo of the container is recommended.

  • Description of the cache location
    Provide a brief description of the location in which the geocache is hide, such as any tracks or waterways nearby, whether the cache is hidden in a rocky outcrop, behind a tree, etc. A photo of the intended location will assist you greatly in the approval process. If you include the cache at the location, remember not to leave it behind as this would be assuming you will be granted permission.

  • Contact details to be placed inside the cache
    Include the details you intend to leave in the geocache for geocachers or muggles to contact you.

  • Educational message to be place inside the cache and any logging requirements for finders
    Include a copy of the information you intend to include in the cache description and in the geocache. The educational message should contain some information about the park, or section, in which the geocache is hidden. This may include statistics about the park, the fauna and flora found in the vicinity, or a brief history of the region. Information can be found on the NPWS website, brochures available in each Park Office, or from the Park Manager. You might also use information from a range of hiking and nature books, online or from your own knowledge.

Finally, fill in the Park Name and Park Authority details, sign the form and either post it or hand it in to the relevant NPWS office. The contact details of all NPWS offices and visitor centres can be found at

After it has been reviewed the Consent Form will be returned to you confirming whether your geocache has been approved or not. If it has been approved you should submit your listing to and email a scanned copy of the application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If it has not been approved, read through the comments provided and/or contact the Park Authority for more information.