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Geocache of the month

Geocache of the Month: November 2017

It has been a while since we selected a cache that would really stretch the geo-endurance muscles, so this month we have gone with a tougher-than-average nut. Congratulations to TOMBI! who has won GOTM for November 2017 with a twist on the usual geo-streak challenge cache "Tomorrow Will Be Different" (GC59F90). Hidden in July 2014 in the lower Hunter Valley, this challenge cache requries you to find a geocache every day for a month before you can log it. The kicker is that a spaced out power-trail won't cut it! Each day you must find a different cache type than the previous day to qualify... tricky stuff! 

With only 11 finds so far it doesn't receive the love it deserves so hopefully this plug helps it get put on a few more cacher's hit lists. Committee member Seemyshell has been streaking for a while and incorporated this cache into his runLurker after meeting the CO. Not only is it a unique challenge, but there is a puzzle to solve and the actual hunting has some unusual elements to it as well. 

Image Credit:  CO - from cache page

So why not challenge yourself and over the summer try to knock out a mini, but varied streak? Sometimes we see that puzzle or multi on the map that keeps getting put on the back burner, well now they have a solid purpose. 

While out caching this holiday season don't forget to take note of any great or unusual finds you make. Nominate the NSW geocache that has impressed you and say why you think it deserves the award. It doesn't have to be a geocache hidden or found in the past month or even the past year. It can be listed on any geocaching site, needs to start or finish in NSW and not currently be archived. Head over to the Forum and start nominating or post on our Facebook page.