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Geocache of the month

Geocache of the Month: April 2017

Take a trip down the quiet streets of Warragamba and a short walk down a trail by a creek to discover the April 2017 Geocache of the Month.

This month, we congratulate The Booos for Booos Haunted Hut. Published in October 2016, this 1½/2 Traditional geocache has earned an impressive 77% favourite rating. It's listed as a "large" and by all accounts, it is that and more.

The cache was enthusiastically nominated by Seemyshell (does he do anything without enthusiasm?) who wrote "I'd love to nominate Booos Haunted Hut. It is a very well constructed cache and very large. A great TB hotel. And the kids will love it."

Other finders were equally excited. "How brilliant is this cache !! I love it !! You should have seen my sprouts faces, total delight. Thanks so very much for this fantastic cache. Fav from me and worthy of cache of the year", wrote another.

So what makes this cache so hauntingly delightful? Check it out! 

Nominate a NSW geocache that has impressed you and say why you think it deserves the award. It doesn't have to be a geocache hidden or found in the past month or even the past year. It just needs to be in, start in or finish in, NSW and not be archived. Head over to the Forum and start nominating.