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Geocache of the month

Geocache of the Month: January 2017

This month's award goes to a series of 26 geocaches spread around the Cataract Dam, celebrating Scout Jamborees held in Australia. The award can only go to one of  the caches so it's been bestowed on the ultimate stage, on behalf of the series.

Congratulations to 25th Australian Jamboree - Woodhouse, SA, 2019, winner of the January 2017 Geocache of the Month award. Hidden by Seemyshell in December 2015, this traditional 2½/3 hide has scored 43 FPs so far. It was nominated by Team MavEtJu who wrote:

"I would like to nominate the caches of the Scouting Jamboree trail at the Cataract dam between Wollongong and Appin.
A set of 25 caches have been placed and have collected 141 favourite points in the first year of existence. The caches are placed in a community effort by a large group of individual geocachers in an foresty area from the road towards the dam."

The series was placed to coincide with the 24th Australian Jamboree, held at Cataract Scout Park during January of 2016. A Jamboree is a gathering of Scouts, Youth Members of the Scout Association aged between 11 and 15. They are held every 3 years and run for around 10 nights. Around 10,000 people attend. For many, attending a Jamboree will be the highlight of their time in Scouts.

Scouting and geocaching share many of the same values and many current and former Scouts are members of the geocaching community.

Nominate a NSW geocache that has impressed you and say why you think it deserves the award. It doesn't have to be a geocache hidden or found in the past month or even the past year. It just needs to be in, start in or finish in, NSW and not be archived. Head over to the Forum and start nominating.