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Geocache of the month

Geocache of the Month: August 2016

Mousey The GOTM doesn't have to be the most often found cache in state as this months winner will testify. Geocache of the Month for August 2016 goes to "Mouse Mountain" by Geoscour. This D3/T3.5 traditional was placed in January of 2012 and was nominated by Asbestiform. Its only had 8 found logs but deserves more. The cache is placed at the top of a series of cliffs above the Castlereagh Highway a few kms south of Capertee. This is one of those caches that is memorable for the journey as well as the spectacular views available at GZ.

There are a few starting options but most finders have set off from the parking area at Pearson's Lookout. From here you cross the road and leg it up the ridge line to the base of an impressive set of sandstone cliffs. The CO has provided a set of waypoints that will guide you to a spot where it's possible to climb to the summit. There is a difficult section near the top involving a short rock climb that has good hand and foot holds but some may find it beyond the T3.5 rating provided by the CO. From this point there is a short scramble on the rocks to GZ where some nerve is required to retrieve the container. The views of the Gardens of Stone National Park are definitely worth the effort and elevate this cache above the ordinary. No wonder it has earned 100% favourites from Premium members.

Log comments include: Great adventure, great location and a fav point." Ropes Nov. 2015

Wow, that was a really enjoyable adventure." Hanjac, Nov. 2013

It's a shame that I'm only the second to visit this one as it is an amazing spot to visit and although I took my time, and lots of photos, it took about 90 minutes car to car." Code1, June 2012

The CO's other cache "The Castle", has a similar feel and is also worth a visit.

Nominate a NSW geocache that has impressed you and say why you think it deserves the award. It doesn't have to be a geocache hidden or found in the past month or even the past year. It just needs to be in, or start in, NSW and not be archived.

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Image from Cache Log by asbestiform