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Geocaching NSW Challenge Geocaches

State Challenge Cache

roadsign 300x200Are you looking for a challenge? Geocaching NSW has a challenge for you. 

We have launched our Geocaching NSW State Challenge geocache - GC3CA9M.

To log a find on this geocache, hidden in the Blue Mountains, you must have logged a cache in each of the 14 major regions as defined by the Division of Local Government's "Local Council Boundaries" when the cache was published. There is a link to a Google Earth overlay showing the boundaries in the cache description.

There is no time restriction. If you've already found a cache in each of the 14 areas, you're already eligible.

Each finder will be added to our Geocaching NSW State Challenge Roll of Honour below, as well as the thrill of having geocached around our great state. What are you waiting for?

Congratulations to the following teams who have completed the Geocaching NSW State Challenge (GC3CA9M).

Big Matt and Shell


Black Bunny






The Rats